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Enjoy a consistent temperature with hydronic central heating, via underfloor or radiators

  • Heat or cool the whole home
  • Flexible and controllable
  • Tailored ducted or radiator solution for your home and budget
Our central heating system services are available across Wairarapa, Wellington, Hutt Valley, Tawa and Porirua.

Stay cosy with efficient central heating systems - servicing from the Wairarapa to Wellington

Central heating uses a centrally located heat source (heat pump or hot water heat pump) to distribute heat or cooling throughout your entire home.  This makes it an incredibly efficient way of enjoying comfort in every area of the house, not just one room.

Most systems offer controls that allow you to heat or cool different areas of the home to different temperatures.

There are two main styles of central heating:

Ducted – ducts are run either in the roof cavity or underneath the house and a fan distributes warm air from a central source throughout the home.  Ducted systems can be retrofitted in most existing homes.

Radiant – radiant systems utilise pipework and radiators or underfloor pipes to distribute hot water around the house.  These systems generally have no fan assistance, so the air doesn’t move, and they are silent to operate.  Radiator systems can be retrofitted in existing homes, underfloor systems need to be installed in the slab when the house is being built.

A2W are experts at supplying and installing ducted and radiant central heating systems.  They will work with you to understand your requirements and design a system that meets your needs and budget.

If you already have a radiant system with a gas boiler and would like to upgrade to a more efficient hot water heat pump A2W can assist with that too.

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