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Expert air-to-air wall and floor mounted heat pump installations.

When you are looking to heat or cool one area of your home, air to air heat pumps are the ideal solution.

A2W specialise in providing tailored solutions for your heating and cooling needs, offering expertise in wall-mounted or floor mounted heat pump installations. Whether you're embarking on a new build, renovating, or just wanting to add a heating/cooling system in your existing home, our experienced team ensures seamless integration and optimal performance to keep your home comfortable year-round.

One of the biggest issues with air-to-air heat pumps is when they have not been sized correctly for the space.  This can cause them to be inefficient or not heat or cool correctly.  Our technicians are trained and qualified to ensure that the correct unit is installed for your needs.

Wall heat pumps offer:

Efficient Heating and Cooling: Air-to-air wall-mounted heat pumps offer energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, providing comfort year-round. 

Individual Room Control: Enjoy convenient temperature control for individual rooms or zones, ensuring comfort and energy savings. Experience consistent indoor temperatures without the hassle of hot or cold spots.

Easy installation and low maintenance: The easy installation process and low maintenance requirements make them a convenient choice for homeowners. Wall mounted heat pumps are easy to install in both new builds and existing homes.

Space saving design and flexible installation: High wall mounted units are out of the way of furniture, pets and small children, and can be installed in various locations depending on requirements.

Ducted heat pumps offer:

Whole-House Climate Control: Ducted heat pump systems provide whole-house or whole-building climate control, distributing conditioned air to different rooms or zones. Enjoy a consistent indoor temperature throughout your home with no disruptive hot or cold spots.

Discreet Design and Quiet Operation: The sleek and discreet design of ducted systems seamlessly integrates with your decor. Experience reduced noise levels for a more peaceful home environment, ideal for reading, watching movies, or getting the kids to sleep.

Efficiency and Savings: Benefit from improved air circulation and reduced energy costs with efficient ducted systems. Save money on running costs compared to multiple heat pumps, making ducted systems a cost-effective choice for larger properties or those with specific design requirements.

If you're unsure if a wall mounted heat pump or ducted heat pump is right for you, have a chat to us as we're happy to look at your specific situation and make recommendations. Contact us to find out more.

Which air-to-air heat pump is right for you?

The A2W team have been extensively trained in the correct assessment and installation methods so they can ensure that the system that is installed does what it needs to as efficiently as possible.

A2W work with all the key brands of air-to-air heat pumps so they can advise and offer you the right system to meet your needs.

No matter the weather, Rinnai has a Heat Pump solution for every Kiwi home. Designed with the latest cutting-edge technologies, Rinnai Heat Pumps offer stylish and elegant design that integrates seamlessly into any space. Coupled with efficient and intelligent features across both ranges, Rinnai Heat Pumps are a perfect solution for your home comfort needs.
Whether you are looking to efficiently heat or air condition (cooling in summer) just one room, multiple rooms or you are looking for a central heating solution for the whole home, Mitsubishi Electric has the ideal energy efficient heating and cooling solution for year round comfort. Every Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump is a product of painstaking research, relentless testing, and a resolute determination to improve upon vital performance characteristics
Panasonic offers a wide range of air conditioning solutions to purify and heat/cool indoor spaces for comfort with energy efficiency for a lesser environmental impact. Connect with the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App that keeps you in touch with your home air conditioner remotely while you’re away from home.
Your day is busy. With the press of a button, your home will be filled with a warmth ready for fun, family time. Toshiba heat pumps not only look stylish but deliver home heating technology that is healthy for your family and great for the environment – now you can have it all.

Enquire about a new air-to-air heat pump today!

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